Topic: Enhance social inclusion, equal opportunities and participation in sports

Our project addresses the objective above by focusing on the following four specific objectives:

1. Establish a European network between universities in research, national athletic federations, organisations, athletic sport clubs, young athletes as well as the European Athletics Association on the topic of guidelines in young track and field athletes.

2. Develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate an intervention program, which combines “in person” experiential learning sessions with a subsequent online training program to be used for training of obese and disabled students in specific sports at the grassroots level in European track and field clubs.

3. Provide a comprehensive review of existing guidelines and research with regard to special needs students in English which upon completion will be made available as an open-access document via the project’s website.

4. Communicate project results via several channels in order to inform local, regional, national and European policies on the issue of equal sports for all.