ESFA Awards 2019

ESFA Awards
The winners were announced at the awards ceremony on 10 December in Patra, where they had the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of ESFA Conference and received their awards.

Award 1: “Best practice to tackle disability/obesity equality in sports”
1st winner: “En Somati Ygiei” Para Sports Club – award 1200€ for athletic materials
“En Somati Ygiei” maintains athletic departments in five Paralympic Sports which are: Para Athletics, Boccia, Para Table Tennis, Para Badminton and Para Snowboard.

2nd winner: NORIAKI KANO LABORATORIES,systems, methods and process – award 800€ for athletic materials
for the Creation & Implementation of Protocol “EXEDRAMark 776 S2 “ for Wheelchairs Basketball clubs. Serving as the «de facto» National Protocol in Wheelchairs Basketball clubs in Greece.

Award 2: “Novel promotion tactics for equality in sports for disabled/obese students”
winner: NORIAKI KANO LABORATORIES,systems, methods and process – award 1000€ for athletic materials
for “Descroptio”, An Integrated Audio Descriptive Commentary Media System ( ADCms) for blind and partially sighted persons. Sport events in Greece in “visible”experience worldwide




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