Equal Sport for All at the International meeting Europaragedon 2019

Equal Sport For All (ESFA) project results were presented to the international meeting Europaragedon 2019, a project funded by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. CUS Padova has been invited to participate in this event dedicated to sport and disability, where it had the opportunity to present the results of the ESFA project as well as to disseminate the call for application to the ESFA Awards towards different European organisations dealing with equality in sports.

Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: 4 άτομα, άτομα στέκονται, άτομα κάθονται και εσωτερικός χώρος

Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: 12 άτομα, , τα οποία χαμογελούν, άτομα στέκονται, γήπεδο μπάσκετ και παπούτσια

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